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                The company and Yunnan University for Nationalities jointly established the National and Local Joint Engineering Research Center for Green Preparation Technology of Bio-based Materials (hereinafter referred to as the Engineering Research Center) approved by the National Development and Reform Commission. The Engineering Research Center is a national industrial technology research and development and industry-university-research cooperation platform. At present, Yunnan University for Nationalities has taken biopolymer functional materials as one of the key development fields, has allocated more than 2000 square meters of laboratories, actively introduced professional research talents in this field, and has completed the construction of biopolymer material research platform through cooperation with enterprises, and purchased more than 30 million yuan of special equipment for biomaterials, including material synthesis amplification equipment, injection molding machine, torque rheometer, film blowing and film pressing machine The basic equipment imported from Germany, such as freeze-drying machine, liquid quality, gas quality, scanning electron microscope, XRD, is the most fully equipped and largest scientific research platform in the research of biopolymer materials in Yunnan Province.

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